Frilus Air Pure · Neutralise unpleasant odours · Without concealing or masking!

Frilus Air Pure
works naturally on the basis of vaporisation.

The active ingredients in Frilus Air Pure bind
the odour molecules and neutralise them.
The result: Frilus-pure air.


Frilus Air Pure Odour Eliminator Orange and Lemon
In a 250g tub: In a 500 ml spray bottle:
The active ingredient is emitted from a soap-like base material. It binds itself to the airborne organic molecules that are responsible for unpleasant odours and neutralises them.
Safe and simple to use - it is only necessary to place the open container in the room where it is needed. It remains effective for up to four weeks, during which time nothing else needs to be done. It has no odour of its own.
Ideal for rooms of a size of around 20m².
Leave a pleasant orange or lemon odour respectively.

Additional benefits of spraying:
- Immediate results in the event of an acute odour problem in the room,
  not suitable for textiles.
- Easy to use thanks trigger sprayer
- Safe to use, can be applied when people are present.
Leave a pleasant orange or lemon odour respectively.

In all other ways, all two products have the same effect::
Odours are eliminated and not masked!

How odour neutralisation works

with the Frilus Air Pure, Odour Eliminator


The Frilus (P6) molecule is applied by vaporisation or by spraying into the air or onto clothing, where it binds with the odour molecule.

The odour molecule is encapsulated by the Frilus molecule and in turn neutralised.

This method is effective against unpleasant odours of an organic origin, such as nicotine, cooking odours, lavatory odours, animal odours, sweat, and household waste.

Frilus neither conceals nor masks. Unpleasant odours are effectively destroyed.
Odour molecule
P6 molecule
Odourless molecule
Safety Data Sheets:
Frilus AirPure tub orange- PDF Frilus AirPure bottle orange- PDF
Frilus AirPure tub lemon- PDF Frilus AirPure bottle lemon- PDF